About 4Cs Breeding Technologies, Inc.

4Cs Breeding Technologies develops genetics and breeding technologies for shellfish aquaculture. Founded in 1997, 4Cs intends to be at the forefront of research and development of new genetics technologies for shellfish aquaculture and to market these technologies to shellfish hatcheries and aquaculturists to improve the quality and marketability of hatchery products.

4Cs maintains critical partnerships with leading universities and commercial hatcheries, and it has improved tetraploid technology through SBIR research. 4Cs is the only commercial genetics company for shellfish in the world and leads the industry in innovation.

Aquaculturists and shellfish farmers can grow triploid shellfish using 4Cs' proprietary technology. In most cases, triploids show more rapid growth and a higher average meat yield than their diploid counterparts. This offers hatcheries and growers an opportunity to increase marketability and profits. Learn more about triploid oysters and their benefits.

A unique process is required to produce 4Cs' natural triploid oysters, providing a competitive product to hatcheries and growers. See more about the technology behind 4Cs' natural triploid oyster production.

For further information on 4Cs Breeding Technologies, Inc., download a company fact sheet (PDF).