Benefits of Natural Triploidy

  • 4Cs' natural triploids are genetically 99.9% triploid.
  • Natural triploid larvae suffer no mortality from treatment effects because there are no treatments.
  • 4Cs' natural triploid eyed larvae have a dark color, large size, and high setting efficiency.
  • No toxic chemicals are used to induce our triploid shellfish.
  • 4Cs' triploid shellfish broodstock spawn just like diploid shellfish, reducing the time and risks involved in spawning induced triploid shellfish.
  • 4Cs' natural triploid larvae are larger than induced triploids—by approximately 33%—providing a premium finished product.
  • 4Cs' natural triploids have a higher yield at market size than diploid or induced triploid shellfish.